Spiders, Two Tone and My Website

So, there have been a lot of people lately who have been asking about my website.  I am currently in the process of designing a sleek, easy to use website which will include my made to measure dresses (like the one in the picture), accessories like this spider brooch, turban and purse and jewelry mostly themed to go with my novelty dresses and fabric, which currently include moons, stars, spiders/spider webs, hearts and arrows, snakes etc.

If I didn’t have other commitments, the website would have been up much sooner ( I do actually have a website at Nicolettacarlone.com, but its terribly out of date with mediocre pictures). My fashion line unfortunately has NOT been my priority. I am currently working on a script that is in development, so the many, many rewrites required of me came to be first priority. In addition to that I am also writing a book that is a companion to the script.  I started this fashion line simply because I thought it would be a way for me to be creative and something that would give me a little respite from the writing ( all though I do love that too)

Now that my website is truly underway, my goal is to make a website that grows and changes with my brand. What comes next is taking lots of really good clear photos of the product and setting everything up. I am a perfectionist in just about everything in my life, so the website might take a couple more weeks extra, but I promise it is worth the wait!

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