Hues Of Autumn

1930s/1940s style dress: Ulf Anderson ( modern brand)

1940s turban hat: Ebay

1930s/40s sunglasses: Ebay

Orange 1940s gloves: Swift Vintage, Burbank CA.

1930s brown purse: Swift Vintage, Burbank

Gold shoes: “Anita” by Remix Los Angeles


So a couple days ago, I blogged about how I found that I wore a dress that I loved for yesterday’s photoshoot but once seeing it on the screen, I saw the dress was just not the shape for me, and as much as I love it, I must part ways with it. So today it went off on its journey to someone else.

I find that being into vintage is very much a never ending journey into personal style in a way that all fashion is for those who are interested in it, but with vintage, it is unique.

People that follow modern fashion usually only have the hear and now of what is in season and what is trendy. The go to the mall and decide what trends they like, what trends they don’t. Of course, they may change the look they are going for each season based on current mood, and this is very like vintage clothing as well. At one point, I was very much into the 1920s, and my whole vintage wardrobe was consumed with this. Now, I am into the 1930s and 1940s, in a few years, I might be into something else completely.

But something else changed for me. As I grow older and more style conscience, I start to see how clothes fit me and my particular body shape and height. For the first time, I didn’t just look at clothing because it was from a certain era as I had done for so long, I began to examine what eras actually looked good on me.

I came up with two particular time periods, the late 1930s/early 1940s and the 1950s. I’ve got a couple pieces from the 1950s, and they are absolutely beautiful but I just don’t “gel” enough with everything from the 1950s to really start building a whole wardrobe around it. The late 1930s and early 1940s though was perfect. I pretty much love everything about this era, the music, the fashion, the architecture, even the history especially what was going on here locally in Los Angeles.

So, I began to shop for this particular era really found a place where I felt at home. Of course, I will always visit other eras, but my heart is really home here now.

So, finding a particular era that you love also means shedding items that I once wore that now only sit gathering dust in my closet. I have been selling a large amount of items off, things I have not worn for years.  So the dress pictured is going as well, like all the other pieces I have been saying good bye to, it will be painful saying good bye, but I know, this dress fill find a home with someone who will love her dearly.

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