Arabian Nights

1940s felt and jersey turban by Sunnyland (A New York Creation)- Ebay

mid/late 1940s Crepe Dress by Lilli Diamond: Papermoon Vintage, Los Angeles

1940s Scimitar Bakelite Brooch: Ebay

Usually I create an outfit around the dress, but this outfit is completely built around this hat. I fell in love with this hat the moment I saw it. Its an example of the dramatic, high fashion hats that were created in the late 1930s early 40s. The hat is essentially a turban with jewels and stars. It has a “wimple” of rayon jersey, a fabric that I love. It is very soft and fluid, and something I will be creating some custom prints on in the near future for fashion line.  Being a turban, the hat has influences from the middle east, I continued this theme with my Bakelite pin which is a very large butterscotch colored scimitar which is a traditional Persian sword.  I had seen reproductions of this pin all over Instagram, but I wanted to get one that was from the 1940s.

The dress is a mid to late 40s dress by the designer Lilli Diamond. Normally in my postings, I show the entire dress, but when photographed today, I found the dress really does not work for my my height/shape. Its a longer length and has large dolman sleeves which is great on someone tall, but I am barely 5’4 with a petite build, so I think sadly, the dress wears me more then I wear it. This is something common I have run into with a lot of 1940s pieces, especially ones from the mid 1940s right before the New Look came in. The longer lengths, large shoulder pads and dolman sleeves, like on the dress I am wearing just don’t work on me, am conflicted on  if I should keep the dress, or send it on to another home with someone to whom it will be more suited.

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