Tropical Tones


1940s Rayon Crepe Dress: Ebay

1930s/40s straw picture hat: Birthday Life Vintage, Etsy

1930s Gloves: Paper Moon Vintage, Los Angeles

1950s Willardy Lucite Purse: Local antique store

Shoes: Anita By Remix Los Angeles

Upon putting this dress on, it instantly reminded me of my grandma. She was always a stylish lady. She was about my age early 1940s when this dress was made, so many things from this era, especially this dress have me thinking of things she might have worn in her 30s.

This dress is a bright red with white, black and cool green tones. It reminds me of the tropics, I’m not sure why. My grandmother and grandfather retired to Florida in their later years and perhaps this is why this makes me think of my grandmother as well.

I am really big into genealogy including the site I have searched my family back many, many generations, but the other day I was looking up some more recent history. I was able to find a record of my grandparent’s marriage license from 1940 with their signatures and information. This made me tear up. Here is something from two people that were very special to me that now are gone.

I think my love of vintage clothing really stemmed out of my love for the past. History does, and always has permeated every part of my life including my work. Most of my writing in novels and the two screenplays I have developed ( one is in development currently) are set in another time, the two screenplays in particular are set in the 1920s and 1930s and are crime stories set in Los Angeles.

So when I put on a vintage dress, its not just a pretty garment, its a piece of history.

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