The Secrets Of Getting Good Vintage Clothing

As time passes, vintage from earlier eras gets harder and harder to find, yet the pool of collectors searching out vintage is the same, if not growing all of the time. Because of this, the vintage market is highly competitive especially when it comes to great or highly unique pieces. Also, just like regular fashion, the vintage market has trends that come and go which determine the prices and availability of certain trendy pieces.

If you are a avid vintage collector such as myself, here are some tips to help you score some great vintage in a cut throat market.

  1. Look Outside Of The Internet.

The vintage market is particularly cut throat on the internet. Thousands of people all around the world have access to sites like Ebay, Etsy and Instagram where vintage is regularly sold, so desirable items can some times sell out in minutes of being posted. To get a leg up on the competition, try visiting your local vintage stores, where the owners will only have a fraction of what is in their store online. Also if seeking a great deals, try also visiting estate sales, antique stores, and flea markets. I have found some of my best vintage simply by hunting it down the old fashioned way.

2. Follow People on Etsy.

One of the best ways to find items you are seeking on Etsy is to follow those people who have similar tastes to you. To do this, find an item you like on etsy and look at other people who have favorited the item. If you see someone with favorite items that you like, go ahead and follow them, in the future when you go to the Etsy home page, you will see other things they have liked.

3. Stalk Ebay/Etsy Like its Your Full Time Job.

Ok, so like most people you probably have a full time job or other commitments that does not allow you to check these sites every second, but I make it a habit to search many times a day, especially if I have nothing else to do. For Ebay, you can either save your searches, or just keep refreshing the page with your chosen criteria put in and look if more items have been listed. Usually I’m looking for 1930s-40s right now, so maybe only a few items will pop up per hour. On Etsy, I open up two browser tabs, one for 1930s, one for 1940s, set it to “most recent” and just refresh the page through out the day.  You will be surprised just how fast new items on Etsy get snapped up, some with in seconds! Most of the stuff might be stuff you don’t want, but occasionally you will find that treasure and all your time spent looking will be worth it!

4. Get To Know Sellers On and Offline.

Sellers want to sell their stuff, so if you can make their job easier by letting them know in advance, its easier for them and for you. Let them know your measurements and give them in detail exactly what you are seeking and most sellers will be more then happy to call you/email you or tag you on the item on Instagram when they what you are seeking.

I hope these tips helped, happy hunting!


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