Chartreuse And Orange

1940s Orange Crepe Dress: Etsy

Chartreuse and Black 1940s Hat: Paper Moon Vintage, Los Angeles, CA

1950s Chartreuse Gloves, Hot Couture, Santa Rosa, CA.

Gold peep tow 1940s style shoes: Remix

So if you can’t tell by now reading my blog, I LOVE color, especially vintage color combinations from the 1930s and 40s.  I really, really love the color orange, and this 1940s crepe gown is a bright shade of it, even though it looks like more of a coral in the photos. When I put this gown on, it really dawned on me just how genius designs of the 1940s can be. This gown makes me appear quite statuesque, despite the fact I am barely 5’4.

I think this is due to the beautiful the way the dress is constructed, especially with those 1940s shoulder pads, in a dress like this, I can see why they so popular during the 1940s.

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