Florals and Puffed Sleeves

Late 1930s/early 1940s dress: Ebay

1930s/40s hat: Ebay

As a vintage fashion collector and wearer I have one favorite set of years I like to buy my vintage from, but two distinct looks that were popular during those eras.

The years are 1937-1949. One of the looks is bold, dramatic, avant garde and high fashion, the other is that of the sweet, young ingenue.

Today I am playing the part of the ingenue, if you want to see the bold and dramatic, go to my last blog post.

This dress perfectly embodies what I love so much about the sweet youthful look of late 30s and early 40s dresses. I love the sweet, soft colors, the shorter lengths and most of all the puffed shoulders.

While sometimes the bold and dramatic look can be a big overwhelming on someone who is more petite like myself, I can never go wrong with the sweet, ingenue look.


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