Sequin Bows

1940s crepe dress with sequin appliques: Etsy

1950s pink gloves: Etsy

1940s platter hat: Esty

1950s Green faux croc bag: Ebay

Green peep toe 1940s style shoes: Remix

When it comes to putting together vintage outfits, I really love to be matchy-matchy. Not all of the colors have to be the same, but I really like to have colors that are very interesting together. The 1940s had some great color combinations that were popular for outfits which today are completely unheard of.

Some of these unique color combinations included: chartreuse (one of my favorite colors) with tones such as brown, orange, blue, shocking pink, purple etc, yellow with purple, red with brown, forest green with yellow, pale blue with brown, etc.

I have a huge fan of color in whatever era, so I have totally got into some of the retro combos that are from the 1940s which you will be seeing more of in upcoming blog entries.

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