Modern And Vintage


1950s Red Taffeta Dress- Ebay

Red hat: 1950s, Ebay

Purse: Prada Promenade Medium in Purple

Shoes: Pigalle Spike Flat, Christian Louboutin

I did today’s particular post to highlight a great way to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe if you don’t want to wear a full on vintage look. Mixing pieces like I did is a great way to get a polished, unique look.

1950s pieces are great for everyday wear, because they are still fairly affordable and more durable then their older counter parts; Then there is also the reason that many dresses today with the fit and flare look still look very much like they are out of the 1950s, I’m talking about pieces by mid range designers such as Kate Spade. Many of her dresses take cues from clothing of the 1950s and 60s, but sometimes the original is better, and far more affordable!

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