Lemons and Limes

Mid 1940s silk crepe dress: Adele Simpson, Ebay

1940s green hat: Playclothes in Burbank, CA

1950s Lemon and Lime purse: Ebay

Shoes: Remix

With this dress, it was love at first sight. I love the quirky novelty print which is what appears to be lemons which are orange. Apparently back in the 1940s, changing the colors of fruit on prints was the “in” thing. This dress is by designer Adele Simpson who started designing in just after World War One, this dress which is from the mid to late 40s would have probably been from one of her first collections. It is made out of a elegant, soft silk crepe which drapes beautifully. I paired it with a novelty purse from the 1950s (?) which has lemons and limes in their natural colors.

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