Chartreuse and Brown

Late 1930s Gaberdine Gown: Etsy

Shoes: Remix

I find that I go through different stages with my vintage clothing. I will really, really like something for a while and then grow tired of it. Recently I gave away and sold a bunch of vintage items from my wardrobe which I just didn’t wear anymore or had lost interest in. Most of these pieces were ones that I bought during a time when medication for my fibro made me gain over 40 lbs. I bought a lot of beautiful items, but back at my body’s natural weight, the clothes no longer fit.

So despite loving the pieces, I decided it was time to give them another home, one with another woman who will truly cherish them.

I had always become interested in different styles since buying those pieces, back then, it had been all about the 1920s-30s, but now I am much more into the late 30s-40s, I am trying to branch out and buy some of the beautiful colors that I love, chartreuse being one of my main loves.

I got this gown from Etsy. It wasn’t expensive and it is a bit of a wounded bird. Because of holes in the hem, I am going to shorten it to day-wear length. I do love, love the original style and will probably recreate the dress at some point down the road.

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