Pink, Chartreuse And Purple

Dress: Playclothes Vintage, Burbank, CA.

Gloves: Hot Couture, Santa Rosa, CA

Hat: Garb Oh Vintage, Etsy ( one of the most AMAZING hats I have ever owned!)

Shoes: Remix “Anitas” in pale gold

Throughout the decade and a half of collecting vintage, I have always favored one era or another over all the others I collect. It began with the 1920s, a decade which I was devoted to for many years. I then got very into the 1930s, and still am very much in the love with the 1930s, especially the later part (1939-39 are perhaps my favorite years for fashion in the 20th century), but now I have a new love, the 1940s.

And not just any 1940s clothes, but the beautiful bright colors they used in their clothing and accessories, particularly in their novelty prints like the one pictured in the dress I am wearing in the photos.

The only challenge for me when it comes to the 1940s is the clothing design, I love how dramatic it is, but sometimes being a more petite person, it tends to swallow me whole, this is why its harder to find for me, but because I do love it, I work hard to seek it out.

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