Think Pink!

1950s cocktail dress: Magpie Vintage in Fairfax, CA

Vintage pearls: Heirloom piece

Black 1940s/50s New Look style hat: Playclothes, Burbank, CA

Willardy Lucite Purse: Local antique store

Black 1940s peep toe shoes: Ebay

The 1950s is only very recently been a decade I have been wearing, while my heart is mostly with the 1930s and 40s, I find the 1950s clothing to be extremely flattering and unabashedly feminine. What keeps me away from this decade sometimes is the tight waists in the dresses which is very, very uncomfortable if you have got fibro,even more uncomfortable if you are wearing a girdle/corset etc underneath. This dress has princess seams that make it exceptionally comfortable. I have to wear it without the authentic underpinnings (except for the black crinoline you see peeking out of the bottom) because with my fibro wearing any kind of shape-wear is pretty much impossible.

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