Mixed Eras

I am wearing an outfit that is a mix of eras. The bag and the brooch are by Chanel and are modern but classic, the dress is Mr. Blackwell from the early 1980s, the hat is from the late 40s and the shoes are 1940s as well. The dress has a very 1940s look to it, so it looks of that era. Usually I’m not a big fan of the 1980s, but this dress is classic and very comfortable being made out of rayon matte jersey. I am a huge fan of mixing eras, especially for everyday wear. When I first started collected vintage as a teenager, I was very concentrated on making everything from one or two eras ( the 1920s and 30s) which to me now seems kind of silly for myself unless you are doing active reenacting or going to a vintage themed event where it is totally understandable. I could put together a whole look of authentic 1920s, 1950s or whatever, but to me the challenge is making a good outfit, whether all from one era or different eras or all modern, the truth is, there was great fashion in every era, there is a lot of great fashion being put out today. You just have to know how to find it. I notice people sometimes get so serious about vintage clothing, but fashion of every era should be just one thing:fun, at least that’s the way I look at it.

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