Black and White

Black late 1930s/early 1940s Dress- Consignment Shop in Northern California

1950s White marabou wrap: Ebay (I also wore this at my wedding)

Shoes: Remix ” Anitas”

So today I decided to go a bit formal with my blog outfit, this dress is one of the pieces I am selling. A couple of years ago I gained over thirty pounds because of a medication I was taking for fibro, now I am back to my normal size, but am left with a lot of beautiful vintage clothing that no longer fits. My closet is overflowing and my choice is either alter it or sell it/donate it/give it away. I choose the second options because I would rather get it out of my closet to someone who will love it then spend the money on alterations and alter a beautiful vintage piece. Hopefully this dress will go to someone out there who really loves it and will cherish it.

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