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Deco Dress Clip, came with dress

1940s hat, Iconic Vintage. Burbank

Black shoes, Remix ” Boulevard”, Remix Los Angeles


So, this dress isn’t Schiaparelli, but it sure looks like something she would make. This is starting with the shocking pink color ( her favorite) and the outrageous sleeves. As for this dress, its a beautiful taffeta. I’m almost sure this dress used to be an evening gown. Its  a luscious moire taffeta.  It hits me right at the knees, so either it was shortened in the 194os when this length was in vogue or it was chopped off for a very petite lady. The gown itself is from the ( I think) late 1930s which is pretty much my favorite years of all time for vintage and one I use to inspire many of my lines dresses.

I had initially ordered this dress for two reasons, one, I love the design and could think of a million places I could wear this dress, two, I think the design is very flattering and I’m going to use it ( perhaps tone down the sleeve drama just a tad) for one of my upcoming dresses.



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