Baby, Its Cold Outside

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So a vintage leopard print coat has been on my wishlist for a long time. This particular coat is from the 1940s and is made from what I believe to be Geoffery Cat which is a non-endangered small South American cat popular for coats during the 1940s. The coat hasĀ a lamb collar. This is a sort of piece I would only buy vintage since I don’t want to buy any new pieces of fur. The older pieces keep me warm during the (semi) cold months during Los Angeles especially when I go to vintage events, although I love this coat so much I would probably wear it everywhere since it is so warm. I actually got a great bargain on this coat. The seller listed it as rabbit fur and with a price of $22. Rabbit fur this coat is definitely not. Most of these coats in the condition of mine are generally $500+ if not MUCH more.

This is a particular instance when having a wide knowledge of vintage clothing can be a help. I recommend anyone who wants to become a serious collecter to do you reading and homework, because it can really pay off!

I paired it with a vintage style purse that my husband got me for my birthday last year, it is the same style that Grace Kelly once used. The dress is 1950s, as is the hat and the gloves. The peep toe shoes are from the 1940s. I added a picture below to show a picture of the shop in Albany New York where the coat was originally bought from:


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