Creating the Heart And Arrow Dress

The Heart and Arrows Dress that I designed based upon Gingers Roger’s dress in “Carefree” has been exceptionally popular so far, so has the Jezebel design with the dagger and the heart.


This is another variation I am creating based upon a 1940s sweater worn by Loretta Young. I’m not sure who the designer of the sweater is; It definitely¬†looked like one either designed or influenced by Los Angeles design Suse who created the Jezebel sweater.

Though I am still refining the design of the dress, I am very influenced by these sweet late 1930s frocks:


I particularly like the unique sleeves, the smocking on the shoulders and the unique sleeves. The empire waist is extremely flattering for women of many different body types. Of course, the dress I make (influenced by the blue and white frock at center) will be sans ribbons and with a more plain bodice to allow room for the heart and arrows.

The heart and arrows themselves will be fully beaded and perhaps a big bigger than the ones worn by Loretta Young. More on this dress to come!


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