Creating The “Bird Of Paradise” Dress

I came across this gorgeous dress on Pinterest a while ago and instantly fell in love. It’s a Cecil Chapman dress from the 1940s. By the time I had found it on Pinterest,¬†it had long been sold like so many other beautiful dresses I find on there.

So I decided I would create one inspired by this for my fashion line.





My version of this dress will be a midi/short length that will can be worn either for day wear or to a cocktail event. I have decided to keep the original colors in the beading, but am flirting with possibly making the dress in another color aside from black, just because I think the bird would really pop on a dress in a jewel tone, such as royal/cobalt blue or purple.


Also on the dress I will be using chainette fringe like on the 1940s Mainbocher dress above. This fringe which was very popular during the for dresses in the 1930s/40s. It was often found on peplums, sleeves and even pockets. I was thinking it would add a unique and exotic detail to this already beautiful dress.

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