The “Polly” Dress



So here’s the completed “Polly” dress. I have posted my inspiration for this dress below which is a 1940s sweater. What first drew me to the design of the sweater was the colors more than anything, although I do love the parrots. ¬†Whoever came up with this color combo 70+ years is a genius…I wish I had come up with it! This dress is made out of a soft cotton material which has a hint of stretch. It has a tie back at the waist to cinch in your waist and two very cute pockets. This dress is directly patterned after one from the 1930s so it has lots of authentic details. The dress has a center back zipper and a slight pouf at the shoulders.

For the picture I paired it with a pair of “Anita” shoes by Remix, a 1950s purse and 1940s/50s hat.


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