Poppies and Moire

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Its always interesting for me to see a vintage item that I own pop up somewhere else like on Pinterest, worn by a previous owner. Sometimes it’s¬†just a duplicate of the item made by the same designer/manufacturer especially if the item is 1950s or later; but sometimes its the exact same item.

This was the case for this silk moire dress with velvet poppies. A couple months after buying this lovely little frock from a seller on Etsy, I saw the exact same dress pop up with several other dresses that had been auctioned off all together, the picture is now circulating around Pinterest. I am quite sure the seller I bought it from got it from the auction or maybe someone who sold to her did.

For now, this dress has found a good home with me and I don’t plan on selling her anytime soon, if at all. What I love about this dress is the fabulously Deco lines.at the waist. I don’t know the exact year this dress was produced, but my guess is about 1929.

I paired the dress with red shoes from Remix. These shoes are technically¬†1930s style, but I don’t find 1920s styles to be that comfortable. They are in the “Anita” style which is one of Remix’s best selling shoes and one of my favorites that they make.


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