Indian Summer

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I have been posting a lot of items that I have been designing for my line, but have decided I really need to get back to posting some of my own beloved vintage pieces. Today it was warm and dry in Los Angeles as it is always this time of year. It was the perfect day to bring out my a fairly new piece I’ve gotten from Sloane Vintage in Burbank. It is a pale golden yellow taffeta gown from the mid-1930s.  I absolutely adore this gown’s color and the way the bias cut just seems to glide over the body. Since I was a little girl, yellow has always been one of my absolute favorite colors. And the 1930s is my absolute favorite era for vintage clothing. I find that the clothing from this era fits my body shape like no other decade does, its not only flattering, it’s also very comfortable. I paired the dress with a pair of pale gold peep toe sandals from Remix Vintage shoes (they make reproduction shoes from the 1910s-1940s) and a very rare butterscotch, blue and black celluloid purse from the 1920s.

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