The Eyes Have It


I have been stressing out for a couple days because I could not come up with a good design for an eye themed dress and blouse that I have wanted to make for a long time. My inspiration came from the eye blouse that Rosalind Russell wears in ” The Women.” This is a design I have wanted to create for a long time, even before starting to develop a fashion line.

When I started the line, I was wondering, would this piece be too weird for anyone to want? (because when you stop to think about it, three eyes on a blouse is pretty weird)…I put the idea to bed for a while until I started other people requesting that I make it. To date, I have had about half a dozen requests for this piece…so maybe it’s not so weird after allSo this is my next project. I will be recreating Rosalind Russell’s entire ensemble as a dress,

So this is my next project. ¬†I will first be recreating Rosalind Russell’s entire ensemble as a dress. It is not clear to me whether the ensemble in the movie was a dress or three pieces. If it was indeed a dress, it was a popular style in the late 1930s, such as the from 1939 below:s-l1600-14

I choose to recreate the whole ensemble as a dress because that way whoever wears it does not need to hunt down pieces to go with it and can have a whole outfit in one. This is particularly¬†useful if you are trying to recreate Russell’s look in the movie. After creating the dress, I will also be creating a blouse as well so people can pair with a skirt or slacks of their choice.


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