The “San Capistrano” Dress

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When I first started out created vintage inspired fashion it came from my desire to recreate certain vintage items, whether a costume in a famous movie, a designer piece that was in a museum or maybe a cult vintage item that everyone wanted, but no one could get. Now my goal as a designer is not to create items that look “vintage” or “modern” but to bring some of the design elements that could be found many years ago back into modern clothing. I feel that much of what is presented to modern women is shapeless, boring, and pretty much all looks like the same. My goal is to create dresses that a woman can wear in any year and still look amazing.

My goal as a designer is to bring back those elements of dressmaking from yesteryear. This is one of the major reasons I wanted to have a company that creates made-to-measure garments. I believe this is something which current women could greatly benefit from, given the wide array of sizes that women are today. Many designers leave plus sized women wholly out of their clothing lines, which I think is unfortunate because women of all size want to look amazing.

Another element I wanted to bring back was hand made clothing. The majority of the decoration on the dresses is done by hand by skilled craftspeople in the United States. It may take longer to get a dress from my line then from Forever 21, but you be guaranteed you will have something that no many other people will have.

This particular dress is done in crepe, it is in a late 1940s style. It is a homage to the swallows of Mission San Capistrano here in Southern California.  Many of my dresses are named for places in and around Los Angeles. This dress has a dramatic peplum edged in golden sequins as is the collar. The front is emblazoned with hand stitched swallows in gold. This dress can be made in cotton, crepe or satin.

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