What Is Inspiring Me Right Now And A Sneak Peak At Things To Come For My Fashion Line

I am getting closer and closer to launching making one of my dreams come true, which is launching my own fashion line. Designing clothing is something completely new to me but something I have always wanted to do. In the beginning, I doubted whether people would ever buy my items or even like them. It turns out to my surprise, people have been very receptive and have even tracked me down to order things even before I have officially launched.

I started this line by creating things that I would like to own myself. I choose to do made to measure clothing primarily as opposed to ready to wear as most shops do because it caters to women of all sizes as opposed to just catering to women of a certain size range. I think clothing for women in generally is hard to find, but especially for women who don’t fit the mold of the average woman the bulk of designers are creating their clothing for. If you are not of average height and a size 0-12, finding clothing can be a hassle. As a woman who is 5’4, I always have to take up hems, with made to measure, I no longer have to do this.

Here is a look at some things that are inspiring me right now, you can see items inspired by the ones below in the near future.

Here they are:


This dress by Cristobal Balenciaga from 1951


Schiaparelli’s bow sweater from 1927.


This dress also by Schiaparelli.


Bishop sleeves blouses ( I have one in the works!)

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