Six Vintage Designs That Are Inspiring Me Right Now

As a fledgling designer, I like to stress the fact that my clothing line is vintage inspired clothing for modern women. There are so many lines already that replicate the designs of yesteryear, but I am not one of those designers. My clothing is modern, but with a very big nod to the past. I am a very visual person, and because of this, Pintrest is my best friend. I could spend hours combing through picture after picture of beautiful designs both modern and vintage to come up with the perfect blend of the two for my own personal designs. As a designer, I design what I like, what I want to wear and if other people like it, they might wear it too.

As I comb through my Pintrest feed, there are certain things that repeatedly stand out for me. Here areSix  pieces of vintage ( and vintage-inspired) fashion that are currently inspiring me right now. As a designer, I tend to like things that are bold, classic while being highly unique and slightly offbeat.


I am currently having a love affair with hooded garments from the 1930s and 1940s and the color yellow. I am combining the two into a 1940s evening gown  This particular garment above was worn by Mae West and dates from 1945. It also includes color blocking which is another element I absolutely love.


I am also really loving stars right now, and I am incorporating many of them into my dresses including the yellow hooded gown mentioned above.


Bishop sleeve blouses and bishop sleeves in general, I currently have a couple of bishop sleeve items in the works.


Leopard print mixed with my one of my favorite colors: Yellow.


Sequin birds. Birds in general, especially swallows. This is a vintage inspired design by Miu Miu, one of the most beautiful dresses I think they have ever made.


Music notes, I love the design of this particular dress, who ever bought this 1950s dress is a lucky gal.

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