Queen Of The Night

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I love when outfits all come together and for this particular outfit, it definitely did. I am wearing my “Moonglow” dress which I introduced in a previous post,but this time, I am wearing it with a vintage style gold lurex turban with a large crescent moon, one which I developed especially for my line with this dress in mind. I matched these two items with a pair of pale gold shoes from Remix and a 1940s golden yellow bag with moons and stars.

My inspiration:

When I was a teenager and in my early 20s, I was very seriously considering becoming an opera singer, I had the talent but not the ambition to match it. I had a stronger desire to do something else completely. I wanted to be a writer a passion and dream that has followed me until this day.

During my teens and early 20s, I was in two operas. One of them being Mozart’s The Magic Flute which is the opera with one of the female villains in operatic history, the vengeful Queen Of The Night. I fell in love with this character and her flamboyant aria became the one I sang each time I had a chance.

So I this was partly what I was thinking back to when I began to design my series of celestial pieces for my clothing line. The celestial theme has been theme has been particularly popular over the last few years with designers like Valentino, Alexander Mcqueen, and Pucci coming out with collections featuring items with this theme., but its first use was much earlier. One of my favorite designers, Elsa Schiaparelli came out with a celestial collection in 1937 which included her iconic zodiacal evening jacket


My desire to create several pieces with this theme was mostly because of the wonderful reaction to my first celestial piece, the navy dress I am wearing in this blog. The reaction I got on this piece has inspired me to create other celestial pieces, including one dress I am in the process of creating right now. Stay tuned for this upcoming piece and others!


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