The Black and White 1930s Dress

IMG_20160804_2 (1) IMG_20160804_1 (1) IMG_20160804_3 (2)

This is a dress inspired by one of my favorite periods, the 1930s, but a dress that has its place it a modern’s women’s wardrobe without looking costumey. Two major details from the 1930s that I brought to this dress were the button detailing on the hip and the large, billowy bishop sleeves, the dresses ruching also have a slightly art deco flare as well. This dress could be at home on the figure of a  of a modern woman just as much as on a 1930s starlet. This dress will be available made to measure in a fluid, high-quality crepe. The v neckline is also adjustable if you want it a little higher for more coverage.

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