The Purple Bishop Sleeve Dress



Presenting the newest item in the fashion line I am developing. This soon-to-be-named dress has a whole story behind its development. It all began with my love of the late 1930s/early 1940s era, and two very distinct features of clothing at that time. One is the elegantly large and dramatic bishop sleeves at appeared on many of the dresses of the time, particularly in evening wear and blouses. The other detail that many of the dresses had at the time which was the self-tie back. This is two ties at the back of the dress that cinch waist in better than a belt and gives a very flattering, clean look for women of all shapes and sizes.  I am always on the hunt for these features in a vintage dress, but they are few and far between.

At the time of pining after this kind of dress, I also became very inspired by late 1960s early 1970s designer Ossie Clark. He was a British designer who was famous for bringing back styles popular in the 1930s and remaking them, and doing it quite well. One element that Clark often used in his dresses were enormous bishop sleeves. Today his designs can run into the thousands and are worn by a myriad of celebrities on the Red Carpet.

Taking my inspiration from 1930s fashion as well as some of Clark’s pieces I came up with this dress.

The dress itself as stated above has large bishop sleeves, a high waist that ties at the back to cinch it in. There is also button detailing at the shoulders which is a whimsical and wonderful touch. The dress is made of crepe, the body of the dress is lined.  This dress is shown in a royal purple in the picture but can be made in a variety of colors. This dress is available all sizes of women as it will be made-to-measure.

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  1. Porcelina says:

    I just bought a ’70s dress pattern purely because it has bishop sleeves! I’m learning to sew, so it will be a while until I attempt the pattern (mastering easy tops and pyjama bottoms right now!). Really lovely colour you chose for that frock too, makes the sleeves seem even more opulent.

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