Seamfoam Flapper Dress



Of all the things in my vintage wardrobe, this dress is one that I love the most. I love its color, its simple, also nautical design, and mostly how comfortable it is. While the 1920s might not be the most flattering of decades for my particular body shape, there is no doubt that it is the most comfortable. ┬áIf this dress wasn’t from the 1920s and was something I had picked up at some mall store, I wouldn’t mind living in it day in and day out during the very hot Los Angeles summer. One reason why I am developing my line of vintage inspired pieces is I want to be able to wear great vintage styles like this without the worry of ruining it. While I am not currently developing any 1920s styles, its certainly on my list.

As for this outfit, I stuck mostly with vintage with some modern shoes by Remix. The dress as stated is from the mid to late 1920s, the gloves are 1930s as is the matching cloche.

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