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I really don’t like most new swimsuits, I find them for the most part uncomfortable and unflattering. Although I am open to wearing either bikinis or one pieces. I am actually more of a fan of the one piece. In terms of the style of suit, I am actually a fan of many different eras of swimsuits, everything from the late 20s to the 70s.




This past February (which is supposed to be the coldest month in Los Angeles) I got a hankering to buy a vintage suit. At first, I was looking at both vintage and reproduction suits. Upon a thoroughly viewing of the vintage reproduction bathing suit market, about 99 percent of the styles are inspired by the 40s and 1950s. Most are high waisted bikinis with a few one piece suits thrown in.

I always liked Wednesday Addam's early 1920s swimsuit.

I always liked Wednesday Addam’s early 1920s swimsuit.

After looking at all of these, I decided I wanted something a little different, and by different, I mean little earlier. My favorite eras are actually the 1920s-20s. There are very few reproductions of 1920s and 30s swimwear, so I decided to go for an original 1930s or 1920s suit and ended up finding two on Ebay, one I am wearing in this blog one post and a 1930s one I am wearing in an earlier post.

The one I am wearing here is probably late 20s or early 1930s. It is a rare one, made of cotton instead of wool like most swimsuits of this era. I paired it with black 1940s heels and a turban from my fashion line.

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