The Satin Peplum and The Wonders of “Made-To-Measure” Clothing

IMG_20160621_10 IMG_20160621_11 IMG_20160621_13 IMG_20160621_14I have always known about the concept of “made-to-measure” but I had never truly experienced until I started my line. This black coat is one of the first “made-to-measure” pieces for my clothing line. Before I sell anything, I am the proverbial guinea pig that tests out all of the clothing before it gets worn by anyone else. Before getting this jacket, I had never had a┬áblazer/suiting jacket that fits me so well without me having to tweak it in some way or another. These types of jackets are a pain in the neck to alter because unlike other pieces of clothing the construction is more complicated which means more money to go to your seamstress.

I personally am I petite person (5’4) with an hourglass shape. Something somewhere ALWAYS goes wrong. Either the sleeves are too long, the waist is too big, the bust is too tight, so on and so forth. It’s a real hassle and it costs a lot of money and time.

Unlike men who are pretty much straight up and down, women are of many varying shapes: banana, hourglass, apple, pear, all those classifications. You already probably know which one you are and what areas you have trouble fitting. When I first put on this jacket, I was amazed. I had given our company’s seamstress a list of numbers, a design and she brought me back a jacket that did not need one alteration, it fit me perfect in every way. It was magical.

The jacket itself is lovely. Its in a soft, comfortable suiting fabric with satin buttons and a satin peplum in back. Its lines are inspired by elements of high fashion from today as well as from Dior’s New Look popular in the 1950s. It would look great with a pencil skirt, a dress or even a pair of jeans. The peplum and the construction as well as the v-neck gives the illusion of a defined waist or enhances a waist which is already defined. I can easily say it is my new fabric jacket and hopefully it maybe yours as well.

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