Orange Blossom Special






 Late 1920s/Early 1930s Dress: Ebay

Wide brimmed 1920s cloche: Ebay

Shawl: Hot Couture, Santa Rosa, CA

Umbrella: Swift Vintage, Burbank, CA

Shoes: Remix Vintage Shoes, Los Angeles

Gloves: 1930s.

This outfit represents the decade that first drew me into the world of vintage and antique clothing – the 1920s. The title comes from a cocktail popular during the era my outfit is from – prohibition. The Orange blossom special was gin mixed with orange juice. It’s the last cocktail drunk by famous director William Desmond Taylor minutes before he was shot in his Los Angeles bungalow in 1922. I know because I am currently developing a script on his murder for a motion picture. As you can probably guess, when not writing this blog, I am a screenwriter and novelist.

My outfit is made up of various elements of 1920s and early 1930s clothing and accessories. My home was built in 1928, around the same year the dress that I am wearing was produced.  These photos remind me of the old early Kodachrome photos. The colors in are rich, yet so soft.

The wonderful thing about clothing from this decade is they are beautiful looking and feeling. Back in those days, most clothing was made from silk. The clothing in the outfit I put together is light and so airy. Everything constructed in billowy chiffon, perfect for an early spring evening in Los Angeles. The outfit contains various shades of orange. One of my favorite colors to wear, especially the burnt or pumpkin color varieties.

The dress and the wide brimmed cloche are more recent acquisitions. I bought them on Ebay in the last few years, but don’t get much of a chance to wear them. Incidentally, wide brimmed cloches are one of my favorite hats from the period, maybe because they are not as common as their smaller brimmed sisters, the ones that are usually associated with flappers. In 1920s era catalogs, I usually see a wide brimmed cloche for sale along with a bunch of smaller ones. This cloche is black with velvet flowers and beading. The inside is a delicious burnt orange color.

The shawl is light orange silk chiffon and silk crepe. One of the first pieces of vintage I bought. When I was 18, I began a passion for vintage and dove right in to the 1920s. I still find the 1920s and 1930s to be my favorite eras, but the clothing is not practical for everyday wear. Now I mostly keep it for special occasions.




  1. Porcelina says:

    Absolutely beautiful! The colours are wonderful. I had you pegged as a girl with a mainly black wardobe actually!
    I am about to make my first 20s dress and am thinking about what fabric to have – thank you for this inspiration x

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