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Today’s post recreates the sort of aesthetic that I am trying to create for my upcoming clothing line from which both of the items I am wearing are from.Today what I see in the fashion world is a void of clothing that is timelessly chic while still being fairly affordable. Of course, if money was no object then it would be fairly simple to walk into a high-end department store or boutique and come out looking like a million bucks for the simple reason you probably had to spend that much to look that way.  This is one reason that I have gravitated towards vintage clothing, many pieces from decades past have details you can no longer find on most garments today unless you are willing to spend lots of money.


But as many a vintage collector will tell you, there are problems that come along with vintage as well. One is simply that many vintage pieces are old and fragile. Even if you buy them in pristine condition, after repeated everyday wear, your perfect pieces won’t be so perfect anymore which effects the value of the piece as well as the let down when you see you favorite piece has been worn to shreds. The second problem with vintage is that it is not built for the women of today. Women today are used to stretch and give in their fabric, as well as fabrics that are easy to care for and pieces of clothing that are easy to move in. Vintage clothing, by and large, was not built for this. b1

I am inspired by many different decades for my line, but many of the items that inspire me come from the early 50s, such as some of these pieces. I really love the cut of the items then, they were very flattering to a woman’s figure and highlighted them whatever size she might be.  When I first became interested in vintage fashion, I was immediately drawn to the 1920s. As a woman with an hourglass shape, this is not exactly the best decade. Because of the delicacy of my earlier pieces, more recently I have been more drawn to the 1950s as well as continuing to wear and collect my favorite decade of all time the 1930s. I think I am drawn to the clothing of both these eras because they really built for women with hourglass shapes where the 20s was built for a more boyish shape. I am a firm believer that anyone can wear any decade, I do think there are certain decades that look better on certain body types. For me, its the 1930s and 1950s.

Both the jacket and the dress are both very figure flattering as well as being very comfortable to wear. The hat and the shoes I choose to wear with it both come from the early 40s or 50s.

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