Trompe L’oeil

GUCCI2 (2)




I don’t know what to say about this dress except it makes me happy. I don’t know if it’s the sparkly sequin trompe l’oeil bow and collar or the layer upon layer of frothy rose, white and pink chiffon that makes me feel like I am wearing some sort of cupcake. Whether you hate or you love this dress, it’s hard to argue that it’s not like much else.

This is also a testament to why, despite being a vintage clothing fan, I have not given up on the world of modern clothing. There are gorgeous pieces (and some ugly ones as well) that come down the runway every season. This is true of every decade of fashion, whether past, present or future.

Fashion to me is an art form, like art or music. A good example I can use is that I am an avid classical music fan, I am particularly into the Baroque composers such as Bach, Vivaldi and their contemporaries, as well as early music (anything before about 1650). Despite being an avid classical fan, like being an avid vintage collector, I do listen to modern music and a wide variety of it at that.

That being said, I am particularly picky about the modern clothing I buy. It has to be unique, it needs to make a statement and I need to feel good in it. But those are also my criteria for vintage clothing as well.

Some of the dresses I have that are modern harken back ( in some way or another) to an early vintage era. This one does, in a very strange way. There is something about it which is almost 1970s, which is why I paired it with vintage a pair of sunglasses, a Gucci bag and a hat from the 1970s. There is also something which is almost early 1920s or late 1910s, not so much the design but the shape and the length. I know whatever it is, its certainly a lot of fun…for me at least.

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