The Serpantine Dress

2016-06-02-16-48-21-478 (1) 2016-06-02-16-52-59-677 (1)

This dress has to be hands down my favorite of all the pieces I have created for my upcoming fashion line. The inspiration from this dress began from a photo I saw on Pintrest of a photo of a dress. This dress which had been labeled as being from the 1940s was stunning. It was a black dress with embroidered snakes with red ruby eyes. I wanted it, but unlike so many vintage dresses that one finds on Pintrest, they are sold or only existed way back when. I reinterpreted the vintage dress by creating the snakes out of sequins and beading instead of embroidery.

The dress itself is a soft cotton stretch knit, it is both very comfortable, durable and hugs all your curves to make them look amazing. It also has an amazing fishtail hem which is both flirty and allows for easy movement. The comes in midi length and a flattering empire waist. My goal for my dresses and all other pieces is that they offer the best of what all women want: Maximum comfort while being very flattering.

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