Spiderweb Cardigan

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So, here is another item in my spider web line, right now I only have a few, but I plan to expand the line in the very near future. These lovely photos were taken by my husband who takes all my photos.  I hope to have some professional models at some point but for now you have me! I have to say I do admire models, they have a knack for always knowing how to pose in front of a camera, this is something I’ve got to brush up on.

Anyway,Spider webs are a favorite motif of mine and one that in real vintage is very hard to find. This sweater which is made of a high-grade cotton with just a hint of stretch is perfect for summer. I choose to use more natural fabrics since I have very sensitive skin.  My skin sensitivity is why I started making reproduction knits in the beginning. I love vintage sweaters, but often they are made of cashmere, wool, acrylic or other materials that bother my skin. I am not alone, many women have wool and cashmere allergies, so I decided for all my summer and spring sweaters will be in cotton and cotton blends, for fall I will expand to cashmere for those ladies who would like it as an alternative.

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