My Favorite Beach Pajamas

1930s Beach Pajamas: Playclothes, Burbank Ca.

Shoes ” Anita” By Remix, Los Angeles, Ca.

Vintage Sunhat: Playclothes, Burbank, Ca.

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Today, let’s step back in time to what is probably my favorite era during the 20th century, the 1930s.

In a century when so many things went wrong with fashion , it seems like everything made during the just seemed to go so right. I can’t think of a decade that I like better when it comes to clothing, cars, music, movies, and pretty much everything else. Chances are if it’s from the 1930s, I probably like it.  Other than writing this blog, I am also a writer of fiction and screenplays. I have two current projects in the works now. One is a project set in the 1920s, one is a project set in the 1930s. By wearing the clothing that my characters might wear ( the female ones at least) it strangely helps me understand a little more about them and the time they were living in. Moving in a garment from 1920’s or 1930s is much different than moving in today’s clothing. The clothing, for the most part was more structured, more formal with no modern stretch fabrics or synthetics.

One of my favorite pieces of fashion that are very specific to the 1930s ( the earlier part of the decade especially) is what is called ” Beach Pajamas”, the modern equivalent ( since the 1970s to today) would be the jumpsuit.  I own several pairs of beach pajamas, they are very comfortable and the wide leg pants are also very chic. Besides for the fabrics ( beach pajamas usually came in bright floral or Deco patterns) they look very much like a modern jumpsuit.


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