Swallows and Tulle

Location: Will Rodgers Park, Beverly Hills

Skirt: My upcoming fashion line

Cardigan: My upcoming fashion line

Shoes: Prada

Purse: Hermes




Swallows have always been a favorite motif of mine, which is why I decided to use it on one fashion line’s cardigans.  The cardigan is graced with two golden swallows, they are hand done in beading and sequins. The cardigan itself is made out of soft, high quality American grown cotton with just a hint of stretch for comfort’s sake. The cardigan is a prototype, it will come in black as well as a variety of other colors.

The idea for the swallows came from several different places. One is several dresses I have seen over the years, all being from 1940s. Birds ( sequin or beaded or both) seemed to be a very popular motif. One of the examples is shown below:


The motif was also used several years ago by one of my favorite designers, Miu Miu who along with their sister line, Prada, constantly uses vintage influences in their fashions.

I paired it with a black tulle skirt from my fashion line. It is a frothy confection of a skirt with a silky ribbon sash. Perfect for pairing with a fitted blazer, cardigan or button up blouse.



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