Embracing A New Decade

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I’ve always thought I was an hourglass. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

What I am actually (based on some internet quizzes) is what’s called an “inverted triangle”, apparently this is least common body type found among women. Basically, it’s an hourglass with narrow hips. In 2016, I have lost a good deal of weight, about 40 lbs. My ex-rheumatologist  put me on a new medication for my fibro which made me eat compulsively (this is why I say ex-rheumatologist). Eating compulsively pretty much goes against my A type personality. Normally I have an extreme amount of discipline. I don’t think I was ever “fat” I was actually at the very top of an ideal weight range for my height but I certainly was larger than I was comfortable with, especially since most of the pounds I gained congregated in my bust area.  This lead to backaches and shoulder problems. No fun. So I finally got off the horrible medication and my weight started to come down. Of course, as most people know, it’s much easier to put on the pounds then to take them off.

Losing weight taught me some good things. To lose weight, I cut out simple carbs like bread and any sugar. When I did that, something amazing happened. My fibro pain disappeared. Several months ago I went back to introducing bread back into my diet and my pain came back. Since then, I’ve cut it permanently out of my diet and have felt really good.

Another thing losing weight taught me is you can never ever judge anyone for their weight. I never did, but losing weight just enforced this. First off, it’s not fair to judge anyone by their weight. That overweight woman you see on the street might have just come from the gym, be on a medication which makes them gain weight or maybe they have just lost 100 lbs. Weight loss takes firm dedication and enough hours in the day to exercise. Many people simply do not have this kind of time, especially if they work full time or have kids or both.

It is true that people were smaller back in the day, but I don’t think this is just because people ate healthier or less, I think its two factors besides this. One is that back in the day, people were just smaller in general, they had smaller hands, smaller feet and were shorter in general. In some reproduction catalogs, I have from the Edwardian, 1920s  and 1930s eras, the shoes start at an amazingly small 2 1/2 and only go up to an 8! Even into the late 30s when the shoes started at a 3 1/2, the shoes did not come any bigger!

The other factor is, not that people ate healthier (I am sure many of them did), but there was not the amount of technology which keeps us sitting. People simply moved more and sat less.

So back to my weight loss. When I finally lost the weight, I was back to the same size I was in high school which was ironically the weight that my doctor told me was my ideal weight. My body seems happy to stay here and so am I.  I also want to clarify that a woman can be whatever weight she wishes, some women are happier with more curves than I have, some are happy with less. How weight is distributed on a woman’s body has very much to do with her body type and overall size of frame. My frame small (ish), I also am a mesomorph which means I have more of an athletic then slender body type. It actually takes a lot of food to power my body properly.

So, when I finally lost the weight, I am embraced a new decade that I had always shunned. The 1950s. I had always not worn 1950s simply because I had always found the clothing to very uncomfortable, especially the tight waists. 1950s clothing are by their nature built for a woman with an hourglass figure which was often created with some heavy duty undergarments like padded bras cone shaped or bullet bras, girdles and corsetry. I personally think the extreme hourglass figure created by these undergarments is elegant and beautiful on ladies from the 1950s and ladies today dressing in that style it’s just not possible for me. Ever. With fibro, my waist is very sensitive part of me and any girdle or corset would probably drive me crazy.

This is when I started looking into modern reproductions of 1950s clothing and I found the brand Heart of Haute (please note this is not a sponsored post). I really like so many of their dresses, especially the Beverly Dress which is a midi length, dress with a comfortable and flattering empire waist and ties on the back to (comfortably) cinch in your waist.

I ordered one of their dresses from a seller on Ebay and fell in love. The dress I ordered was actually from when their brand was called Heart Breaker. Paired with vintage accessories, I think it looks pretty authentic and of course it is very comfortable!

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