More About My Fashion Line And Some Previews

The idea to start my fashion line was born out of my own frustrations dealing with vintage clothing and vintage reproductions. This was coupled with the fact that there are certain novelty designs one just does not find in collecting vintage. A great example would be spider webs. I love em, but there are virtually impossible to find unless you are very lucky or are able to pay a high price. There were also some pieces that I wanted that I could never find because they were costumes in movies or made by very high-end designers in very small numbers.  I am a Pinterest junky. For years, I have been saving pins of gorgeous items I could never have. Whether they were the price of a moderately priced new car, a movie costume or something that was one of a kind, I was never getting them.

This was the reason for the creation of two prototypes below, the Jezebel sweater based on the 1947 design by Suse who I did a post about earlier as well as a sweater inspired by Ginger Rodger’s dress in the 1938 film Carefree. (Please forgive the crudeness of the prototype photo, I would hope next time I wear these lovelies, it’s not with jeans!)


I have tried use much of the original design as possible but do think it’s important a designer does add their special touch. The designs are all done by hand in sequins and beads.  It is my plan to have these beautiful designs grace the fronts of sweaters, blouses, and dresses that are done in a vintage and classic style.

As a vintage collector and designer, it’s just that I could not find designs I love, it was that I found that there were problems with both vintage and with vintage reproduction. Vintage although beautiful, is scarcely practical for wearing everyday. The era that is the most flattering to my figure is the late 30s through the early 40s. I love how these clothes make my body look, and I feel very much like a woman in them, much more than most dresses made today.

The problem is, the garments are close to 80 years old and constant wear will make them quickly go to shreds. Also, the problem with vintage is if you buy a garment and the sleeves are too long, too short or any other variety of problems, you have to alter a piece of history. Something many vintage purists cringe at.

And then there’s the problem I have with modern clothing and many modern vintage reproduction lines. There are wonderful reproduction lines out there, but to me personally, maybe they don’t compare to the dresses I have in my closet from the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s. Many of them lack those beautiful old details  found on vintage garments. The pleats, the smocking, the beautiful buttons… none of it is done anymore. Even the tailoring of most garments today is  unflattering, especially when you’ve got an hourglass shape or have some curves. Clothing back in the day just fit better.

So you’ve been able to read a little bit about my future plans. I hope you like what you see and read and I look forward to sharing much more in the near future!


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