Why I Have Learned to Embrace Vintage Reproduction and Inspired Clothing


Grace Kelly wearing a dress I wouldn’t mind having a reproduction of.

Many people that I know of who are enamoured with a certain time period, be it the 1960s or 1920s and want to wear styles that evoke those eras start off with some vintage inspired items and then slowly work vintage items like a hat or a purse slowly into their collection. I say many people because there are many people out there who started their vintage wearing experience wearing nothing but the real thing.

I was one of those. I started really seriously collecting vintage when I was about 20 years old. I had always had an interest in fashion, as well as fashion from all different eras up to today, but when I was 20 ┬áthe love of vintage really hit me hard and that love has never really left me. In my early 20s, vintage used to be an everyday thing for me. I bought nothing but vintage clothing, I wouldn’t even call it vintage clothing, these days it’s more like antique clothing.

The 1920s was actually my gateway drug into all that is beautiful and wonderful about collecting vintage clothing. I adored the clothing from the 1920s and pretty much everything about the 1920s. About a year after buying nothing but 1920s, I began to venture into the 30s and then very carefully into the 1940s. I was not only collecting, I was wearing these pieces… every day and then I found out what happens to vintage clothing when you wear it like modern clothing… it falls apart. It’s a very sad thing when a piece of clothing you love so much falls apart and you know you can never go out and buy another one. It’s gone forever.

It was when I realized this that I started getting into later decades, this is when I discovered my love for the 1960s and especially for anything mod. I even bought some 1970s… but still, I love those early decades, but couldn’t bear to do the sort of damage I had done before.

So, I started acting less like a starry-eyed teenager about vintage clothing and more like a responsible adult. The sort of adult who keeps things in garment boxes lined with acid-free tissue and only brings out the vintage clothing for special occasions. One who is wise to how delicate something is when it is 70, 80 or even 100 years old.

But what kind of fun do I have if things just sit in boxes and never do what they were born to do…to be worn.

This is when I embraced vintage inspired clothing. I realized I could bring the beautiful of fashion that is lacking in so many modern clothing lines to my wardrobe without risking damaging. Before I was sort of a snob pooh-poohing the idea of wear anything but the real thing, but now I have realized that is just silly.

Because many of the vintage inspired lines are not really up to my liking, I decided to create my own line of clothing. While there are many cute things in the vintage inspired market place, for one reason or another they just are not for me. I hope my clothing line and the other vintage inspired clothing I wear is not trying to pretend to be a carbon copy of something from an earlier era, but more be a garment that takes its cues from earlier eras, but that they have a style all their own, that they are neither vintage or modern, but classic.

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