A Little Black Dress


Dress: 1950s Little Black Dress, Goodwill in Hollywood, CA.

Shoes: Prada, bought at Crossroads (a consignment/thrift store) in Los Angeles CA

Pearls: vintage, probably 1940s/50s.

Purse: Red alligator print, 1950s. Thrifted.

The dress I am wearing in today’s post was a lucky find yesterday at Goodwill in Hollywood. I stopped in there quickly in search of something else entirely, I was only there for about five minutes. In that time, I quickly skimmed through the dress rack and plucked this out. This little black dress was only $7.99, its needs a few stitches here and there to be in perfect condition. but in general is probably worth all the money that I paid for it. ┬áThis dress gives me hope that pre-1970s clothing can still (occasionally) be found at your local thrift store, this is actually one of several things from the 1950s I have found in my local goodwill. I often wonder if the older items that I find in thrift stores actually belonged to the people who bought them originally new or the items were just donated by a vintage loving person who had grown tired of them.

In this little black dress, I felt almost as if I was channeling a young Elizabeth Taylor, this afternoon I found a picture of her wearing a dress a little like mind and thought I would share it below. I consider myself lucky to have found this dress because this sort of dress with its sheer, illusion neckline has always been one of my favorite styles, and also a very classic one to boot.  Not only did this dress provide me for a nice staple for my wardrobe I plan to use it as an inspiration for my upcoming fashion line (with the addition of some of my own touches of course!)



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