My Birthday (With Hearts And Daggers)


Dress: 1950s style knit wiggle dress with sequin and beaded heart and dagger: My own design, based on a 1947 Suse design.

1950s Red Alligator Purse:  Papermoon Vintage, Los Angeles, CA.

Cape: 1930s, Ebay.

Shoes: “Boulevard” by Remix shoes

Gloves: 1950s black and rhinestones gloves: Playclothes Vintage, Burbank, CA.

Hair by Missy Firestone


The above sweater was the inspiration for my latest piece, the Jezebel dress. This is a design often credited to Elsa Schiaparelli, though it looks like a design she would very much have her hand in, the design is not by her. Instead, the it’s by an American designer named Susan Dannenberg whose sweaters were sold under the brand “Suse” (pronounced like Suzy).


Dannenburg started designing her own sweaters in the early 1940s. When they proved popular with her friends, she decided to get into the sweater business and it’s good she did.  Dannenberg’s designs quickly gained a cult following, especially among young starlets the “sweater girls” of the 1940s. In fact, it was probably on a starlet’s salary that one could afford one of Dannenberg’s designs, they usually sold between five and six hundred dollars of today’s money, if not more.


Dannenberg designed many sweaters, but the “Jezebel” proved to be her most popular then. It is also her most well known today and still has a cult following.

Instead of felt, my personal rendition of the piece is made of hand beading and sequin embroidery. The dagger is accentuated by four big rhinestones that are very much the original 1940s ones. I have named the dress after its namesake, also because I think its a pretty good name considering the original Jezebel was quite a bad girl and might enjoy this sweater.




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