Just Like Grace


Skirt: Tatianna

Sweater: Kate Spade

Glasses: Dolce And Gabbana

Shoes: Boulevard by Remix

Purse: More details below!

Today’s outfit is an homage to two things I love: Grace Kelly and the color green. We’ll get to Grace in a minute (her influence comes in through the handbag) but I will first talk about the rest of my outfit. Today I am wearing all vintage reproduction. I love collecting vintage clothing, but I also do like to buy reproductions, because if I wore vintage all the time (which I did at one point in my life), the clothing would wear out quickly. Instead, I prefer “vintage reproduction”, to wear clothing that is timeless, like the black cardigan sweater by Kate Spade, she is not exclusively a vintage line but she takes much of her inspiration for her clothing line from the 1950s and 1960s.


I scored this sweater for $4 at Goodwill, it usually retails for about $400. I have a same story with the glasses. I really, really love Dolce and Gabbana, just about as much as I love Kate Spade. I actually for these glasses for $30 or so at TJMAXX, I saw them looking out at me from a display case looking for a home. I was pretty surprised that they were so cheap considering a pair of these sunglasses generally go for over $400!


One of my favorite style icons of all time (and so many others people’s as well) is Grace Kelly. She was not only a beautiful lady, she knew how to wear her clothing splendidly as well; So splendidly, in fact most people would rank her as one of the best-dressed women of the 20th century, and I happen to agree.


Out of all the clothing and accessories that Grace ever wore, the one piece synonymous with her timeless style is the “Kelly” bag by Hermes. As you have probably figured out, this bag was not just carried by Grace, it was named for her as well.


The Kelly bag which was popularized by Grace Kelly actually has been made by Hermes since the 1930s, but really got popular when Grace started wearing it almost exclusively. I thought it was the perfect style of bag to wear with both vintage and modern clothing. It’s just one of those pieces that never goes out of style.

The Kelly bag is still fairly popular today, although not as popular as its hipper sister, The Birkin bag (named for Jane Birkin). Part of the Birkin’s amazing popularity and is its size (for those girls who like to carry their whole life around with them.) and its fairly loose construction. The Birkin is a bag that can, and probably should be worn wide open. It gives a very casual, yet elegant appearance. The Birkin is a beautiful bag, but its uniqueness has been ruined by bag’s popularity. It has ceased being a unique item and therefore hold no interest for me.


The Kelly, on the other hand, is a more rigid, structured bag and should only be worn (in my opinion) like Grace wore it. Most modern women don’t want such a structured.

Still, the Kelly bag has its place on the arms of many models, actresses and socialites even to this day.

Yet, no one wore it quite like Grace.

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