Silent Movie Siren

Today’s post is an homage to what is one of my favorite decades, the 1920s, specifically the very early 1920s. In these photos, I am wearing probably the most valuable (and most expensive pieces) that I have in my collection. It’s also my favorite, the feathered robe/negligee. This piece dates from the late 1910s to 1924. The reason I say 1924 is the Saks Fifth Ave tag in the garment was only used until 1924. The piece is made of silk chiffon and devoré velvet, it goes from light pink to deep magenta in an ombre effect. The piece is trimmed in copious amounts of marabou trim. I took these photos at home because unlike many of my vintage pieces, this one does not leave my house and stays packed up in a garment box with acid-free paper.

IMG_20160411_6 IMG_20160411_5 (1)


After getting this piece, I did a huge amount of research. I scoured the Internet to see if anyone anywhere had anything like what I had just acquired. I looked and looked. Nothing. I found several marabou trimmed robes from the 1920s, but nothing like what I had. I found many later marabou trimmed robes and some nice modern replicas which seemed to be favored by burlesque dancers, but nothing like mine. The closest thing I found were stills of Gloria Swanson in a film from 1924, a movie still of Clara Bow from 1927,  and some photos of Lillian Gish which seem to be from the early 1920s which are in the photos pictured below.

This lead me to one conclusion. This piece was not just expensive in this day and age, being sold at Saks, this robe was probably not made in large quantities and probably owned purchased by a woman who had little need for a practical robe and lots of money to spend on a extravagant one.







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