Why I (Almost) Exclusively Wear Dresses


I’m not going to lie. I LOVE dresses. Vintage dresses,  modern dresses, casual dresses, formal dresses. I. LOVE. THEM. ALL.

In a generation when most women wear pants, I am one of the minority that look at pants as a piece of clothing suitable for such activities wear a dress would be highly impractical, and even in such instances, I would choose a dress over pants if I can make it work.

I suppose my love of dresses is something that drew me to vintage clothing in the first place, but you might wonder what my reasons for wearing a dress are.

There are several reasons why I choose dresses over any other piece of clothing and the biggest one might surprise you.


You see, I have a condition called fibromyalgia. I won’t get into the myriad of symptoms that it brings on, but one of them is extreme sensitivity to clothing. Along with not being able to wear many, many fabrics (including believe it or not cashmere), I also am very sensitive around my stomach area and anything binding ( I.e. jeans) is like torture for me. This is why a dress is always a more comfortable option for me. 

But besides the fibro, I also live in Los Angeles where for many months out of the year it is HOT. We have all different kinds of hot here, sluggishly humid and hot, skin blisteringly arid and hot and then just plain &^%&!* HOT. We don’t have many cold days here (cold being anything under 70 degrees… I’m serious) so a dress is the ideal garment to wear during such high temperatures. When you think about it, ladies are pretty lucky. When it gets hot we can wear a light wisp of fabric over our bodies and look put together, while men (especially those who are vintage inclined) are stuck in pants or even wore, suits.

And then there is the final reason. And that is, that dresses make me feel confident and feminine. When I say feminine, I don’t just mean it in just a dainty, ruffley shrinking violet sort of way (although that way is okay too) , but I mean it makes me feel like a woman… a confidant woman. I just don’t feel this way in pants, I always feel sort of schlubby. Some women look great in pants, especially the gals who can pull off that whole ” casual chic” thing… I can’t… I have to try hard to make pants chic. Usually, I end up wearing pants when I’m doing something when I just could care less about my clothing, such as exercise, cleaning, etc.

My message to women who are reading this is not that they need to wear dresses or that dresses are better, dresses are what works for me. My message to women is, wear what makes YOU confidant. After all, that is what fashion should be all about.


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