Lucite Shoes: Then And Now

Lately, I have been wanting some Lucite shoes, but in this day and age would only go for vintage shoes since the most of the selection of Lucite shoes today¬† bring three words to my mind “trashy”, “ugly”, and “cheap”. If I was living in the 1950s, my thoughts on current Lucite shoes would be very different. I might come up with the words “glamorous”, “expensive”, and “dreamy”

A few years back, the Los Angeles Times wrote an article referring to Lucite shoes as the chosen footwear for strippers. Seventy years ago this was very far from the image Lucite shoes portrayed. In the 1950s, Lucite heels graced the feet of glamorous starlets and the women who wished to emulate them. Like Lucite handbags, Lucite shoes were modern, glamorous and expensive.

Today, Lucite shoes are in a sad state. Most of them are made with ridiculously high heels. They have become a look synonymous with porn stars and strippers. Occasionally, a fashion house will create their own version of the Lucite shoe, often with disastrous results as in the shoe below:


This horrible monstrosity was cooked up by Valentino and can currently be bought at Neiman Marcus for a mere $1995. ¬†The only person I could see wearing this shoe is some kind is a hippy dippy bohemian chick who eats quinoa and kale and makes her money pole dancing on the weekends. Nothing says “Please stuff dollar bills in my organic cotton G-string” quite like this shoe.


It’s interesting an item as glamorous as Lucite shoes have become sexualized, but they are not the only things. Seamed stockings and garter belts which were once functional items are now hyper-sexualized.

But let’s go back in time to 1956, when Lucite was synonymous with glamour and not strippers.


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