Which Vintage Era Best Fits Your Body Type?


One of the popular misconceptions I hear about wearing vintage clothing is that certain body types cannot wear certain eras. For example, my body is a petite hourglass.  As soon as anyone hears the word “hourglass”, they immediately think of the 1950s when a woman with an hourglass figure was considered the ideal body type. So common sense would tell you that the first decade I would reach for would be 1950s


The problem with the above logic fails to take into account one small problem. The 1950s is my least favorite time period for clothing. Not because the clothing is not stylish and flattering, but because I find the clothing extremely uncomfortable. About fifteen years ago my doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I won’t get into what it is ( if you are so inclined, you may Google it for more information), but one of the aspects of this condition is being extremely sensitive to certain types of clothing. This includes anything that is too tight, too itchy (wool is not my friend) or rough.  Because of the fibromyalgia, wearing vintage clothing is both frustrating and liberating. 

It is frustrating because there is so much I would love to wear but sadly can not.  Vintage clothing is also liberating because unlike modern clothing which is made with all kind of synthetics, vintage clothing is more likely to be made out of a natural fibers like silk and cotton, or softer synthetics like rayon. 

My favorite eras are the 1920s, the 1930s and the 1960s…I also quite like the Edwardian/World War One eras, but these clothing are not as practical or suitable for every day. I find that the era that is the best combination of flattering and comfort for me is the 1930s.

So back to the question, “what era best suits your body type?”  The answer is whichever one you like. Of course, each era had their ideal body type i.e. the boyish flapper of the 1920s, the hourglass of the 50s or the thin twig like woman of 1960s. These might have been the ideal woman of the time, but what many people tend to forget that in the 1920s, the 1950s or the 1960s there were woman of all shapes and sizes wearing the current trends. This also means women of today wearing vintage can wear anything their heart desires.

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