A Slice Of California Sunshine


Despite it being cold in much of the country, in Los Angeles it was the perfect day to enjoy the warm temperatures. Although it was Valentine’s day, I thought it better to don some cheery sunshine yellows in place of the more traditional pinks and reds! The backdrop for these photos was the historic 1928 Casa Laguna, a historic courtyard apartment building designed by the famous Los Angeles architect couple Arthur and Nina Zwebell.

The Casa Laguna is just one of the many buildings they designed in Los Angeles. Stepping into the courtyard where the photos were taken was kind of like stepping into a different time and a different place. While the city of Los Angeles has grown around the building, inside it’s like visiting some little town in Spain or Italy in the 1920s.

I am not sure the exact date on the swimsuit, but I believe it to be from the 1940s, maybe late 1930s. It is made out of a soft rayon jersey and has a Bakelite buckle and button in the back. This is one of my first forays into vintage swimsuits. I am not quite sure if this swimsuit could also double as a playsuit, but 1940s playsuits often had the same shape. Out of all the modern and vintage suits I have ever tried on, this one is the most comfortable I have tried on or owned. When I was looking for a swimsuit, I first looked at the wide array of vintage inspired swimsuits. There is a ton of them on the market, but really nothing that I was interested in. Most of them seem to be inspired by the 1950s, while I can appreciate some aspects of the 1950s, my heart is more in the 1910s-1940s era.

I got this swimsuit on Ebay for a pretty good price (much less than a vintage repro would cost me) as well as another knit swimsuit which is from the late 1920s/30s. It is faded and needs a little TLC before I will wear it anywhere.

The cape I wore with the outfit comes from Paper moon Vintage, which is a local store here in Los Angeles. The cape actually goes with an early 1930s dress. It being silk, I probably wouldn’t wear it to the beach, but it matched well!

The sun hat is modern, and the platform sandals are from the 1970s, but in the style of ones wore earlier.




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